Game Servers

Configurations that combine performance and security, specifically designed for the world of gaming.

CPU RAM DISK Banwidth IP Price Order
Intel i7-4790K 32GB RAM 2x240GB SSD 250mbps unmetered 1 IPs
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Intel i7-6700K 64GB RAM 2x480GB SSD 250mbps unmetered 1 IPs
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Intel E5-1650v2 128GB RAM 2x480GB SSD 250mbps unmetered 1 IPs
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Why an zolute Game server?

Anti-DDoS GAME by Zolute

Because gaming time is sacred, you should take advantage of the most robust gaming Anti-DDoS on the market, included with all of our GAME dedicated servers. Our Anti-DDoS is constantly active and provides two-way mitigation (incoming and outgoing traffic); players won't feel any difference if under attack.

Cut for games

The killer combination of high frequency Intel i7 processors + Turbo Boost technology and the speed of SSD storage guarantees optimal playing conditions! Low latency makes sure that players will enjoy their game to the fullest. Our powerful dedicated game servers offer a wide range of performance options to meet the needs of devoted gamers and professional resellers alike.

Unlocked potential

Thanks to our unique cooling technology, we're offering you the overclocked version of the 6700K from Intel, one of the best CPUs in gaming! With overclocking, you can get the best out of a CPU's power and increase its frequency up to 4,4GHz for better gaming performances!

Hardware at the heart of innovation

Fans of online gaming know it: computer hardware technologies are evolving constantly and quickly. In order to continue offering the best on the market, Zolute has put together a team dedicated to "Hardware innovations". From new CPU architectures to cooling systems, this team works together with builders to introduce new products adapted to our customers' needs. This is how ZOLUTE can offer overclocked processors while still ensuring server reliability.



  • Anti-DDoS Game included
  • overclocked* 250-500 Mbps guaranteed bandwidth


  • optional 500 GB of storage space


  • 90 operating systems available for installation via the Control Panel


  • Root access to the server
  • Access via the KVM/IP graphic console (except overclocked)

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